Monday, November 22, 2010

2006 Okinawa Trip part 1

So five Years ago i had the great enjoyment of returning to Okinawa ,my birthplace for two short weeks for the 4th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival.

I had not been back since i was in Highschool and it was a highly anticipated trip. I traveled with my Mother & the Pensacola Okinawa Kenjinkai group .

After a short flight from Pensacola,
we are Waiting at the Houston airport 
to really start our adventure

the plane trip was so long and boring i think in the many flights we switched the last one was the worst cuz it was the longest and all ihad to watch was Disney's Cars & i think a movie walled little man with one of the wayan's brothers. and 3 same episodes on a cartoon network loop.

while everyone else slept, i tried to keep busy,..but could not get comfortable.

the ladies from the Okinawa group at yet another stop before finally heading towards Japan

Gorgeous Views as  we begin our journey to japan

i was sooo excited

sooo many clouds

18 + hours later we FINALLY Arrive in Okaska Japan!

and whats the first thing i take a photo of?


this one had a neat fold down platorm so when you change clothes, you won't get dirty and neat little buttons that make sounds so people can't hear you pee . REALLY they have buttons for that!
this is the Old fashioned "squatter" toilets. i hated these as a kid, they are difficult to deal with

One more Short flight to OKINAWA!!!!

We FINALLY Arrive in Okinawa and are
greeted by my favorite creature in Okinawa; SHISA!!!!

And then we arrive at my Aunt & Uncles House
for a Good rest and cozy cuddles from my Cousin Ako's cat June

Next post is Day 1!

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